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The Paradigm C++ Professional editor is a seamlessly integrated component of the IDE; you can move easily between the editor, compiler, debugger, and add-ons. The editor also supports multiple files, and you can view them all simultaneously by splitting the edit window into multiple panes.

Editor operation

The editor helps navigate your code by keeping track of the functions, classes, and enumerations. To position the editor at the start of a function, simply right click the edit window, select Functions and select the desired function from the list of functions in the current edit buffer.

View Editor local menu

When you're editing a file, the Paradigm C++ Professional status bar displays the following information about the file that you are editing:

The line number and character position of the cursor. For example, if the cursor is on the first line and first character of an Edit window, you'll see 1:1 in the Status Bar. If the cursor is on line 68 and character 23, you'll see 68:23.

The edit mode: insert or overwrite. Press Insert to toggle whether your text additions overwrite existing characters or insert new ones into the file. The file's save status. The word Modified appears if you've made changes to the file in the active Edit window, and you have not yet saved your edits or changes.

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Editor Emulations

  • Default
  • Classic
  • Brief
  • Epsilon
  • Visual Studio
  • Your custom editor

Editor Tools

Several tools integrated into Paradigm C++ Professional can assist you with writing, editing and managing code in the Editor.

Visual Assist

Visual Assist is aware of virtually every symbol in your project and uses this awareness to help you write your code. Its key features are Auto Completion and Correction.

Auto Completion works for every symbol in your code. It understands everything necessary to complete symbols accurately. Type a few letters of a symbol and press Tab in the Editor to see a listbox of possible completions. For example, when the demo example DEMO.C is open, typing Get followed by Tab will run the GetPort() function. Try it on a macro and start saving time.

Visual Assist can correct and highlight problems. It acts like a spell checker. Type a symbol in the wrong case and Visual Assist fixes its case immediately. Type entirely in lower case and everything is fixed. Only definitions are left untouched.

Parameter information is available for every method, function and macro in your code. Type a left parenthesis and the information becomes available. Scroll when there are several parameter lists.

Finder utility

The Paradigm C++ Finder utility, found under the Search menu, provides the ability to search within a file, a project, or the entire disk drive for any regular expression. This is an incredibly powerful capability when you need to find text or make changes across one or many files in your project or on your disk.

View Finder utility

Editor Configuration

Many of the high-level features of the editor, such as key mappings and syntax highlighting, are configurable via the Options| Environment | Editor menu. The editor can also be modified by changes and additions to its ObjectScript source code.

View Editor configuration options

Syntax Highlighting

With syntax highlighting, you can color your source code according to its C/C++ syntax. With your source code colored in the editor, it is easy to separate the C/C++ keywords, macros, and comments from your own program constructs. Color customizations can be set in Options | Environment | Syntax Highlighting.

View Syntax Highlighting options

Editor emulations:
Visual Studio
Your custom editor
New Visual Assist feature!
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