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Paradigm C++ Professional includes real and protected mode compilers for embedded C and C++ developers. With Paradigm C++ Professional, you get both ANSI C and ANSI C++ compilers that work within the integrated development environment or from the command line if you choose to use makefiles.

Compiler Features

  • Fast compilation with full support for precompiled headers means you won’t be waiting for long compiles to complete
  • Global optimizations are used to generate small, fast, and highly efficient code.
  • Built-in Assembler permits inline assembly language to be mixed with your C/C++ source code to fully optimize your code without the need to write in assembly language.
  • ROMable run-time library with available source code.

Paradigm C++ Lint

The Paradigm C++ Lint utility can be used to perform a high level of checking on C/C++ source files. Just select a C/C++ source file node in the Project view and look under the Special local menu item. Lint can be used to find dead definitions, unreferenced header files, and much more. This tool can tell you a great deal about your code and catch hidden problems you may not have realized.

C/C++ Language Features

  • Namespace support solves the problem of identifier name clashes in large applications.
  • Templates to develop a family of related functions or classes.
  • Exception handling provides a standard method to handle run-time errors.
  • New-style type-safe casting makes safe type conversions even when you're working with polymorphous classes.
  • Run-time type identification (RTTI) determines the type of a data object at runtime: virtual, reference, or pointer.
  • Three distinct character types overload functions based on a distinction between char, signed char, and unsigned char.
  • New keywords and macros, such as bool, mutable, explicit, and typename, provide greater flexibility.

Compiler Options

You can selectively apply many C++ language constructs by using compiler options and choosing the appropriate libraries. For example, you can eliminate the extra overhead of exception handling from the runtime libraries by linking with the NOEHx libraries. You can also use a compiler option to avoid generating runtime type identification. If three distinct character types are a problem with existing code, you can use a compiler option and the appropriate header files to revert to the old behavior.

View some of the compiler options you can control

Compiler Features:
New Lint feature!
Fast compilation
Global optimizations
Built-in Assembler
ROMable run-time library
C/C++ Language Features:
Namespace support
Exception handling
New-style type-safe casting
Run-time type identification (RTTI)
Distinct character types
New keywords and macros
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