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This Partners list is by no means all inclusive, but should provide you with a starting point in your search for suitable hardware and software suppliers. See our International Distributors for ordering Paradigm products outside the United States and Canada.


On-chip Technology:

Advantech, EVA System-on-Chip technology

EVA System-on-Chip technology

First Silicon Solutions, JTAG on-chip technology

First Silicon Solutions
JTAG on-chip technology

Genesis Microchip, JTAG on-chip technology

Genesis Microchip
JTAG on-chip technology

Grid Connect, x86 communications System-on-Chip Technology

Grid Connect
x86 communications System-on-Chip Technology

OCDEMON Technology, On chip debug support

Macraigor Systems
On chip debug support


Advanced Micro Devices, processors and circuit boards

Advanced Micro Devices
Processors and circuit boards

Lantronix, microprocessor cores Lantronix
Microprocessor cores
Infinior MicroSystems (IMS16 microprocessor series) Infinior MicroSystems
IMS16 microprocessor series
RDCx86 Embedded and Network Processors RDC Semiconductor
Embedded and Network Processors

ROM Emulators:

ALPTEX, Inc. ROM Emulators, ROM Cables and adaptors

ROM Emulators, ROM Cables and adaptors

EmuTec Inc. PROMJet / DebugJet ROM emulator

EmuTec Inc.
PROMJet / DebugJet ROM emulator

MG Tech, PromICE ROM Emulator

MG Tech
PromICE ROM Emulator


Mentor Graphics, RTOS products Mentor Graphics
RTOS products
CMX, RTOS products and TCP/IP stack

CMX Systems
RTOS products and TCP/IP stack

KADAK, RTOS products

RTOS products

MicroDigital, RTOS products

RTOS products

Other Partners:

electronic design world search engine

Electronic design world search engine

Treck, Inc. 'C' source code library

Treck, Inc.
'C' source code library

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