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Lantronix XPort AR with Paradigm C++ Professional


The Paradigm C++ Professional Extended tool suite contains everything necessary to compile, assemble, link, locate, and debug applications for the Lantronix XPort AR Embedded Processor Module. It's also used in conjunction with the Evolution OS SDK, a high level application programming interface for the XPort AR Evolution Operating System.

Contained within a single Integrated Development Environment, the tools can easily be configured to generate an extended mode application compatible with the DSTni-EX based x86 core of the XPort AR. This extended mode technology allows an application to access a 24-bit address space without the additional complexity of protected mode. This software/hardware solution combines the simplicity of 186 real mode development with the speed of a 120MHz x86 core and a larger address space (1.25 MB RAM and 4 MB FLASH available on a XPort AR).

Paradigm C++ Professional Extended is the tool suite solution for your assembly, C, and C++ embedded application development needs.

For Lantronix pre-sales questions, price quotes, and hardware/software orders:

Ask about optional FS2 JTAG support for an on-chip out-of-the-box debugging solution that includes hardware breakpoint, flash programming, and trace buffer support.

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