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Paradigm C++ Professional Extended:

The Paradigm C++ Professional Extended package is a complete Integrated Development Environment for compatible processor cores and x86 real mode targets. This package provides the ability to complile, assemble, link, locate and debug an embedded application for a target within the 24-bit extended mode address space (16MB) of a supported processor core or the 20-bit real mode address space (1MB). The following debugging interfaces are supported with this package in Paradigm C++ Professional Extended:
  • PDREMOTE/ROM software only remote monitor debugging solution
  • PromICE ROM emulator real and extended mode support
  • PROMJet ROM emulator real and extended mode support

Extended mode support is available for the following processor cores:

  • All Genesis Microchip x86 based real and extended mode controller Families
  • Lantronix
  • Pixelworks System-on-a-chip
  • RDC
  • ARC International x86 cores

    Optional JTAG support in extended mode is available for the following:

    Contact our Sales department for information about JTAG support, if it is required.

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